Born and Raised on the West Coast of Canada, Morningstar Pinto is a flourishing Cape Breton Island transplant.

She and her family moved here in 2008, and have since embraced the islands unique culture, terrain and lifestyle.

Morningstar views each moment in her life as an opportunity to both learn and create.

Small business owner. Hobby farmer. Foodie. Photographer. Carpenter. Logger. Dreamer. Blogger. Mother. Wife. Writer. Singer. Actor. Communicator. Reclaimer. Reuser. Recycler. Nature lover. Felter. Ocean walker. Jewellery Designer… and much, much more.

Designing new and exciting items, re-purposing old, natural and forgotten things and generally finding ways to make beauty in every day life is her ultimate goal.

About Us

Reloved Design is a blanket for creativity using reclaimed, reused and reloved materials. Whether it be by collecting the bark off of a tree before it is sold for firewood, making use of an old wool sweater or blanket, or creating a table out of a door, our goal is to align our beliefs and respect for the planet with our need to create.

The Reloved Design studio is located in a whisper of a community called Catalone Gut, in the greater area of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.